Monday, September 28, 2009

Does this ever happen to anyone?????

The hubby says this happens to me because I'm unorganized....Bla bla bla.This happens to me because I get lost in the moment, I keep adding things and needing other supplies and so on. You know creating is magic the muse takes over...It's my sanity, so I may be a little messy who cares!!! Well after cleaning up the studio, I decided to open photoshop elements for the first time. Knowing that I have very little knowledge of my computer I thought it can't be that difficult. Wow that was a challenge. It was quite scary. I went a little crazy. Lots to learn. He thinks that picture of my studio is unorganized. Check out photoshop gone wild. I tried a lot of brushes just to get the feel. This is gonna take some practice!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is Claudia, she's my baby. Claudia is the pixie of a Pixie and a Gypsy. She's my partner in crime and definitely an old soul. This is Halloween last year. I'm back tracking since I've had this blog for about a year and been ya know in the weeds to say the least. We're in crunch time now working on the new Halloween costume. She takes Halloween very seriously. I'm also involved in a Halloween Swap with the same group of girls plus a few more from the 4th swap. I can't wait to see the goodies. Halloween gets hairy but it's always a lot of fun!!!!!

Bye for now,


Friday, September 25, 2009

These are my little sweeties that I made for a 4th July ornament swap. I posted this for my friend JoAnna, she wanted to see them. She has been encouraging me to start blogging on a regular basis. So I'm gonna try and be a better blogger!!! I call these little girls Cape May NJ which is a beautiful victorian beach town. That's all for now,