Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doll Making Weekend



I thought she had a soft gentle look about her, but yet elegant like a pearl.

I almost forgot.....Pearl's little companion Blu, her pretty pet birdy friend.
Last weekend I had my friend Kecia over for the weekend. We decided to make dolls together. What a great time we had. We thought they could also wear matching friendship necklaces, that we'll be working on in the future. My doll is a work in progress, I think I'll be continuously adding little things to her. Details are very important.
                 This is the work in progress....we didn't realize that we each made their heads tilting in different directions....leaning into each perfect!

The girls together
I'll keep u posted on the progress of the girls and their jewelry. I'm sure they'll only get more glamorous.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Grays

I just love shades of blue, aqua, and blue grays. I was taking a few pics of things in the studio and thought I'd share them. The little porcelain lady has always reminded me of my sister. I don't know if she would like that. I hope so....I think she's beautiful. I think it's a compliment. Hopefully she will too!
See ya,