Thursday, March 31, 2011

Having Fun At Kecia's

Well....when Kecia and I create together we make BIG things. I mean large, I guess you gotta go big or go home! We put our heads together and the thoughts just kept flowing, we made these lovely fun dolls. What a fun time!
                                    I went to her house with a doll head and a bunch of vintage goodies.  She was also very generous with her supplies. This is what we came up with. My little pretty dosen't have her wings on yet, and she's totally not finished but Kecia posted her little beauty, and I just wanted to get my girl out here.
                    She also has a party hat like Kecia's doll, but I made her this Easter bonnet because she looked to much like a boy in her party hat.

Take Care,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vintage Doll Clothes

Today I wanted to show an addiction I've had for many years...Yeah I know it's a problem....vintage doll clothes..Hehe...Ooops I forgot baby clothes too!

Nighty night,