Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Beautiful Kitty

Today the Pixie and I went out in search of lovelies. We came across a stuffed dog made of Tibetan lamb and I said Claud doesn't she look like my kitty? She agreed but not as cute. As we were talking a lady next to us asked what does your kitty look like. As I started to tell her she began to tell me exactly what my kitty looked like. She also said she would be interested in buying her. Well this is the story of the kitty. At 18 I went to work for a man....who was the most talented, kindest guy you'd ever meet. Besides dabbling in my art work, I am a hairdresser by day. He was the owner of the salon. Danny..... Danny was the first and only American to be the #1 hairstylist in the world. (believe it or not there's a Championship similar to the Olympics) This mans only goal was to make people feel good about themselves. With his gentle smile and kind soul he could manage to make the worst day seem bright. It was a gift. I was 18 when we met and Danny was 32(I think). I remember thinking oh how old he was.(HE HE) When we met I was a makeup artist and had no plans at that time to go work as a hairstylist, I was happy just freelancing, I was young ya know. Well that was until Danny, he said come to my salon and we'll talk. As I said I had no interest. The next day my phone rang and it was him. I didn't give him my phone # he happened to talk about me to someone who knew me and they gave him my #. That evening I went to the salon after some gentle persuasion by Dan. Well the rest was history he had me working by his side that night. This story may sound a little weird...that there was some strange connection between us...but no... we were just friends. He was like a father to me and my best friend. Dan was a married man and at the time I never really knew his wife very much because she was kinda behind the scenes. They were a very successful couple and pretty years have past, we've taken art classes together vacations with my husband(that's another story) we're just buddies, like minded people....this is where I get to the kitty..He always bought his wife beautiful gifts. Some of which she loved and some of which she didn't. I remember when he bought her the kitty....thinking oh my gosh Danny it's so beautiful, she's gonna love it. I never really talked to him much about it again until about five years later , I'm probably about 30 at the time and Dan in his mid forties. Dan tells me he's having an estate sale at his house because he and his wife are moving. He asks me if I'll come over and help them price some of the items. So of coarse I go over. To my surprise everything in the house has a price tag on it. I'm the kinda girl who has sentimental feelings about so many old things I just couldn't imagine this. So I'm looking around checking price tags trying to help them and I convince them not to sell their dining room set. It was absolutely beautiful. His wife still thanks me to this day. So as I'm looking around I spot the kitty with a price tag of $25.00. I look at Dan and say you have got to be kidding me!!!! He looks back at me and says she never really liked it anyway. I was devastated, I felt sorry for him and I also felt sorry for the kitty. I mean no disrespect to his wife, there are all kinds of people. I just couldn't stop thinking about the kitty but I felt weird asking if I could buy it so I said nothing. I helped them with the pricing then I got on my way. Well when I got in my car sitting in the passenger seat was my lovely kitty who I cherish with all my heart. Unfortunately about a year later my best friend Dan had a heart attack and passed away. I have so many wonderful memories of him and boy do I miss him. This posting of the pictures is for Dory who I met today. Dory I'm sure you would love her very much but there isn't a price in the world that I could take for her. She means a lot to me but thank you anyway. If I ever come across another one I will get in touch with you for sure. If it's inexpensive I'll just buy it and contact you.



  1. 'What a sweet story Jane.. :o)

    How are you doing now? Not still under the weather I hope.


  2. wow, what a story. My heart is feeling.
    trying to call you...been too long girlfriend.
    xo joanna

  3. What a great story Jane. Love that cat!