Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today I spent some time dyeing fabrics. I love the different shades of blue greens and aquas the laces turned out. It's amazing how each little piece of lace took on it's own color, even though they were all dipped in the same dye. It reminded my of my sisters, from the same mom and dad but all so different. What inspired me to dye these pieces, is I 'm taking a class with Ruth Rae. I can't wait to meet her. Her work is so beautiful. For once I'm trying to get ahead of the game and not be scrambling for my supplies at the last minute. Maybe I'll actually be prepared early. That would be lovely!!!!!



  1. great meeting you at art opera ~ love these yummie dyed colors!
    xo heidi

  2. Oh, how pretty! I love these soft colors and all of that bling. I'm drooling over the bling.

  3. Love these blue laces, thanks for the inspiration I should dye some

  4. Oooh! my my mind is ticking on creative ideas for your bling and lace it's all up my ally.

    I am a follower of yours now and looking forward to more inspiring post.


  5. Your NAME DREW ME IN! :) :) :) What a great place my friend! Love the bling and the lace...WOW! All fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing!