Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doll Making Weekend



I thought she had a soft gentle look about her, but yet elegant like a pearl.

I almost forgot.....Pearl's little companion Blu, her pretty pet birdy friend.
Last weekend I had my friend Kecia over for the weekend. We decided to make dolls together. What a great time we had. We thought they could also wear matching friendship necklaces, that we'll be working on in the future. My doll is a work in progress, I think I'll be continuously adding little things to her. Details are very important.
                 This is the work in progress....we didn't realize that we each made their heads tilting in different directions....leaning into each perfect!

The girls together
I'll keep u posted on the progress of the girls and their jewelry. I'm sure they'll only get more glamorous.


  1. Pearl is so beautiful! i want her lips badly! thanks for such a fun weekend. it'll be fun to see what sort of necklace we can create for them.



  2. Oh my gosh, Jane, she is beautiful! I love dolls. I don't know how you sculpted her head - (I am totally ignorant on how to do that) but it sure turned out well!


  3. Yes, she is a Pearl indeed. I can't wait for Josie to meet her :) I am in love with this creation of yours, as all you do. She is so special!! Make some of those birdies and put them on Etsy. They will fly!! Glad you and Kecia had a nice weekend together.
    Love ya!

  4. How beautiful your doll is gorgeous and your friendship is beautiful! Grace xoox

  5. just stopped in from Kecias blog. LOVE your dolls, now I'm inspired to keep my eyes open for one of those little dress stands. i see them at TJ maxx's often! what a fun way to spend your weekend.

  6. The girls are simply devine. You are so talented and I do love her little mate Blu.

  7. JANE!!! Hi Girlfiend, how are you? I never knew you had a blog, I found it from Kecia's. Call me sometime, so much to tell you. I miss you. See you in August at Art in The Rough. Love you, di

  8. PS, I love Pearl, she is so beautiful. What a treasure you have created, love, love, love her. xoxo

  9. you gals rock.... and both of your dolls are awesome....I love Pearl's eyes...hey but where's her pet unicorn? I betcha left her at the lemonade stand? oh well Birdie Blu is to cute.... Marlene ;O) xox

  10. Oh - your dolls is so beautiful and pretty. She´s just perfect.

  11. NICE!!!! both of you did such a beautiful job...these are gorgeous!!!

  12. Jane!! Pearl is gorgeous!!! He face ..and lips!! are precious! ! I love that the you and Kecia made the heads tilting into each other. What a special friendship you both have!

  13. LoVe,lOvE your beautiful pearl & blu....... What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter weekend Creating! Keep up the imagination girl..... I agree with JoannA and make more birdies for etsy. hugs bz

  14. She is gorgeous...just like her creator x

  15. Pearl is just gorgeous...and blu too!