Friday, June 10, 2011


Better late than I'm joining in with my friend Kecia for FLEAMARKET  FRIDAY. Last week Kecia and I hit the fleamarket together, I found quite a few goodies, but for now I'm gonna share my favorite find of the day.
I've been collecting Infant of Prague statues for some time. This beauty is the largest one I've ever found. He stands about 24 inches. His face is also exceptional. He also came with 5 vestments.(the beautiful clothing he wears) Kecia and I are planning a day of vestment making. That should be fun.
Till we meet again,


  1. Helooo Jane... He is beeautiful...I too collect "Infant of Pragues" too cool... He is truly sweet...Great find ~ SCORE a unicorn ;O) xoxox ME (Marlene)

  2. yes, agreed - that was the SCORE! the size and condition of this particular Prague is what is so amazing. and it still has it's penny..

    can't wait for vestment day!



  3. What a GREAT find! It's just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I always love coming here for a visit to see what you're up to.

  4. The Infact is fabulous, that is a rare find.
    I would love to know the story behind who parted with him and esp with 5 sets of cloths. It sounds like you will give him a great home and he will grace a special place.
    He will bless you in a special way.
    I am glad I stopped by, I stumbled by but I promise I will be back. Great blog. Kathy

  5. I too have a Collection of Infant of Prague Statues... my first being a Gift from my Grandma Piazza when I was a very young Child and so it has a very meaningful Story behind it coming to our Family.

    Your gorgeous 'score' looks almost exactly like one I have even to His Beautiful Crown! Mine was missing the top ornamentation so I glued a Rhinestone Cross to the top of the Crown to replace what was missing... nice to see what it probably originally looked like since yours is complete.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian