Monday, March 19, 2012


Whether it's a friends kind words, or a simple thing she says or does to make you laugh.....  your sister listening with only your  feelings in mind....they are angels among us. I believe in them and I am blessed to have them. Remember your ANGELS....because the are definitely among us.



  1. hey angel friend. You are one of my earth angels, indeed. Love the painted faces. I like the looseness. Is it with water colors? xoox jo

  2. I just found your blog and I am, oh so glad that I did. It is so intriguing, I am captivated with every post. I have to admit that the word gypsy in your title is want brought me in. I seem to be drawn by that word . . . must be a little gypsy in my soul. I have been drawn by other blogs with gypsy in their title, but no Bohemian in their art ~ EXCUSE ME! There is romance and an allurement that you expect when making reference to the gypsy . . . and I found it here. Love, love, love your delightfully awesome blog. Great job! Your newest fan and follower. Now, before I sign off I want to invite you over to visit my blog, and I'm hoping you will decide to follow me too. There is no gypsy in my title, so I'm off the hook for romance, but there is craft, home and cottage. That is the other side of my soul . . . an old soul, made up of comfort and security. I'm looking so forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day! Connie :)

  3. So very true.
    Your studio is gorgeous and so is your page. Looking forward to visiting.
    Much love,

  4. i hope you paint me one of your angels!

  5. Lovely space! you have many treasures and it looks like a peaceful place to create!