Monday, June 28, 2010


When I was a little girl my Mom and Dad had a collection of prints by various artists. They were all of big eyed little girls. I think they were from the 60s and 70s. I know there was also prints of puppies and kitties. We didn't have those but I've seen them at yard sales and antique malls. I loved looking at them. I actually have one from my mom's house. She always said it reminded her of me. Anyway that's what inspired this little drawing collage on wood. I also used tissue paper and vintage sheet music.

Thought I'd throw in this little sweetheart from my studio.(just cause she's so cute)


  1. I think you are doing great and I love your Header/Banner, my husband when he was alive was a professional photographer and he would say Good Job Girl!! I think your room should have been the winner in where women create by the way, I think your soo-great, you are the big winner in my book! Very creative! XOXO

  2. Your Big Eyed girl looks wonderful.. I love that butterfly you put on her! Your Banner picture is also Wonderful. Love It... ~Linda

  3. wow! My daughter would LOVE this! You do some beautiful work and I love your blog! I am checking it out from the award you received from Charm Bracelet Diva! Congrats! If you get a moment you might enter my giveaway! It ends tomorrow!

    Have a great week!