Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiny Rollerskates

I don't know when I found these little guys, but I've had them forever. The little wheels are delicate but strong. They just inspire me....I don't know why.

Take care,                                     


  1. Jane (that is my middle name!),
    Your studio is like a dream. I can see why you would feel creative just being there. It is so soft and gentle and pure fancy. You did a lovely job! Love the little skates, too.

    If you wish, come and visit the blog of my daughter and me. We are only three months old but we are having a great time. It is about much more than our jewelry...our life, our other artistic interests, estate and rummage findings. She calls herself a pixie...she is thirty and loves jewelry, fashion, all sorts of creating,sewing, junking, decorating and Spanish. A wonderful daughter.

    Suz (Susan Jane)

  2. this post makes me smile