Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiny Rollerskates

I don't know when I found these little guys, but I've had them forever. The little wheels are delicate but strong. They just inspire me....I don't know why.

I also wanted to share a little sewing project I worked on. The vintage image was transferred onto muslin through my printer. I then used silver leaf with wonder under thanks to Pamela Huntington, and then embellished away.
Take care,                                     


  1. Jane (that is my middle name!),
    Your studio is like a dream. I can see why you would feel creative just being there. It is so soft and gentle and pure fancy. You did a lovely job! Love the little skates, too.

    If you wish, come and visit the blog of my daughter and me. We are only three months old but we are having a great time. It is about much more than our jewelry...our life, our other artistic interests, estate and rummage findings. She calls herself a pixie...she is thirty and loves jewelry, fashion, all sorts of creating,sewing, junking, decorating and Spanish. A wonderful daughter.

    Suz (Susan Jane)